• Go – Part 2 – Connecting to PostgreSQL on Azure (Identity API)

    This post is a continuation of Go – Part 1 – Simple Web Application (Identity API) and requires a PostgreSQL server available, see PostgreSQL – Local on Docker and Cloud on Azure There are many ways of connecting to a database server in Go. One option is GORM, an Object-Relational Mapping library. It makes mapping…

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  • PostgreSQL – Local on Docker and Cloud on Azure

    PostgreSQL is one of the great options at developers’ disposal when implementing a object-relational database. It is Open Source and has been in the scenery for over 35 years. Its official website is PostgreSQL: The world’s most advanced open source database. When I’m using a database usually I have a 2-step approach, first testing everything…

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  • OpenSSL on Windows – Compile and Install from Source

    OpenSSL is a Cryptography and SSL/TLS toolkit, very popular piece of software. Despite there are built and packaged options for installation, I prefer to compile from latest available stable source repository. There are some pre-requisites that can be found in those other posts: The OpenSSL repository in is available at openssl/openssl: TLS/SSL and crypto…

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  • Nasm Installation

    Nasm Installation

    If you need to use x86 assembly on Windows or Linux, Nasm is popular assembler option. In this post I’ll have a quick rundown of the installation process. Download is available at the official webpage. Direct link for Windows installer can be found at Index of /pub/nasm/releasebuilds/2.16.01/win64 Installation is simple, but if you want to…

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  • Windows 11 – Environment variables and the Path

    In most operating systems there’s a concept of environment variables. Microsoft Windows is no different. There are many installers that create variables in the OS path automatically, but if a given installer doesn’t, it is pretty simple to create it manually. First, open start menu and search for environment. You will see the option to…

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  • Go – Part 1 – Simple Web Application (Identity API)

    Go is a programming language created by and supported by Google via Open Source project. It has a very nice standard library, some very popular frameworks and it is built for heavy concurrent workloads, being ideal for web services, but also useful and powerful for command line tool projects and much more. My journey with…

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  • NodeJS Installation

    NodeJS Installation

    While using Go for backend and microservices, I have been playing with React Library and Next.js framework for frontend code. Those require NodeJS to be installed. We can get the setup pacakge at: and I use the LTS version. Open the setup package and click Next. Make sure you read and agree with the…

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  • Go Installation

    Go Installation

    After many years using Asp.Net based products for Web pages and APIs, I found myself recently exploring Go lang, so, one more tool to install. It can be found at:, in the Download area. In my case, Windows download. Open the setup packahe, then Next. Make sure you read and agree with the license…

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  • Python 3 Installation

    Python 3 Installation

    Python is a very popular programming language. Even if compiling low level code like firmware code such as EDK2 for UEFI, Python is used in the build scripts. The installation can be found at Download Python | Open the setup and select “Customize installation”. I leave all optional features selected, then Next. In my…

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  • CMake Installation

    CMake Installation

    Several projects use CMake as build system, so I install it as well. The tools can be found at Download | CMake. Select the latest release to download. Once download is complete, open the setup and click Next. Read the License Agreement and if in accordance with the terms, select “I accept the terms in…

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