Nasm Installation

If you need to use x86 assembly on Windows or Linux, Nasm is popular assembler option. In this post I’ll have a quick rundown of the installation process.

Download is available at the official webpage. Direct link for Windows installer can be found at Index of /pub/nasm/releasebuilds/2.16.01/win64

Installation is simple, but if you want to use an installation directory that requires administrative access, you need to right-click on installer and select Run as Administrator.

I like to install applications for all users, so I pick this option in the first Window. Then Next.

In choose components, it is ok to leave the default options and select Next.

For installation directory, default option should also be ok. Next again.

Then Install after leave default options for start menu creation.

Once installation is complete, we can click Close.

Nasm doesn’t create path variable automatically, so, either full path is required when calling the application or adding the installation directory to the environment variables, path, is needed, which is the option I recommend. Details on how to add a new entry to the path can be found in another post I’ve made at Windows 11 – Environment variables and the Path.

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