Windows 11 – Task Manager on Steroids

I was amazed when this week I was looking into some running processes in my system and searching for a tool I use for years I went back to Sysinternals to remind me that the website and tools are there avaiable and evolving, with regular maintenance for 27 years.

I really love the details Process Explorer provides and how it is so easy to just download, extract and run. The option to replace the default Windows Task Manager is also a nice plus, so it is always there, one right-click away.

Download is available at

By opening the application, navigating to Options, then Replace Task Manager, you will have this powerful tool always handy.

When you right-click in the Taskbar and select Task Manager, you will get Process Explorer instead of the default Task Manager from Windows.

Microsoft has a support article on How to use the taskbar in Windows – Microsoft Support.

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