Strawberry Perl

Perl is a interpreted language that can be used for creating scripts for various usages. It is a required component in the toolchain for compiling, for example, OpenSSL in Windows.

General details on Perl can be found at where in the download area we have 2 main releases highlighted: Strawberry Perl and ActiveState Perl. I particularly use Strawberry Perl as my baseline.

Strawberry Perl website is where we can download the latest available version. Since I use 64-bit Windows, I select that architecture for download.

When the setup is executed the wizard is displayed and you can click in Next.

The next window is for the End-User License Agreement. Make sure you read the terms and if you agree, select I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.

In Destination Folder, choose the desired installation directory and click Next.

Then click Install. If a promp asking permissions to change your device is displayed, click to allow.

The window with the installation progress will be displayed and the operation it will take a few moments to complete.

Once done you can click in Finish.

The environment variable for Perl path should be auto set, then you can confirm installation was done properly by typing the following in the command line (i.e. Windows Terminal):

perl --version

You have now a working version of Perl as part of your toolchain.

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