The start of the journey…

In 2023 I decided that I will invest time to help others looking for technical content so I started to work on a plan to build a blog site.

This is my pilot post to kick the tires. It is lunch time and I’m excited to get started with this project the first day of the month, break the inertia and get it going. As I move to next phase I will have deeper technical content to share. I hope you enjoy reading it and that I can become your tech buddy in future.

I have chosen WordPress as platform of choice and started to use WordPress Desktop application which I like better than using the web version. It is just simpler to click in the icon for the app and start right there.

To create a WordPress account we need to navigate to Build a Site, Sell Your Stuff, Start a Blog & More

Fill out the your information and click in Create your account.

WordPress provides generated domain for free accounts, but it is possible to acquire or use an existing owned domain. To use the default domain sufix, select Choose my domain later.

Next it is time to select the account type. There are several tiers. If high-definition video is in scope, starting with Premium subscriptions is a good idea.

There are some options to let WordPress know what is the intent of the site. Choose the appropriate values.

Then you can choose a blog name optionally and click Continue.

Couple more pages and the site is created.

You can now login to maintain your site, but in my case I prefer to do that via the desktop application which is free and can be downloaded at Apps – Desktop Apps. Since I’m using Windows, the Windows 7+ option is appropriate.

Once download is complete, load the setup. I prefer to install software in a global directory in my system, so I use Anyone who uses this computer (all users) as installation option. Choose the desired option and click Install.

The installation progress will be displayed and it will complete after a few moments.

Once completed we can close the setup program by clicking in Finish. I usually install the applications when I’m setting up my host machine, so usually I have Run not set.

If you choose to launch the application the login page will be displayed. Type your credentials and Continue/Sign In.

The main page is displayed and you are ready to write content.